14 14ers

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

This past Sunday I completed my 14th 14er! YAY! I was and am so incredibly ecstatic to have checked another hike off my list. I could not have asked for better company on an excruciating early morning excursion to Mt. Evans.

How beautiful it is to be in the company of such positive, energizing, and kind people. It makes staying awake all night 100% worth it. When the sun rose we weren't quite at the summit, but close enough to bask in the splendid Colorado beauty.

These two to the left are a couple of my favourite people, Jack and Christopher. They both work with me at Amnesty International and are some of the most stand up humans that I have met.

And this lovely lady to the right, is the beautiful Zeena. She has been my roommate for the past year and will be headed off to Singapore for a semester abroad.

I will always remember our beautiful Sunday morning adventure - walking with Mountain Goats and breakfast also included. I always feel refreshed and content after a long hike. They are my little piece of heaven; it recenters me. I think it's important for everyone to find that one thing that allows them to feel as since of peace and can provide a sense of stillness even in the eye of the storm. What recenters/balances you?

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