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I’m Derya - outdoor enthusiast, sunshine lover, cow & bird admirer, coffee junkie, and adventure photographer.  I’m that person who loves early mornings, who will drag you on unexpectedly long adventures/hikes, and impress you with my random quoting of The Office, Parks & Rec, & Monty Python. 

I grew up in sunny Colorado (*hence loving sunshine!!!) and currently reside in beautiful Switzerland. I am passionate about the environment and human rights and plan on becoming an environmental lawyer.


But, most importantly I want to continue spending the majority of my life outdoors (with camera in hand). 

Inspired by all things outdoors and candid moments, my photography style is centered around being outside, adventuring, and telling a story. While my focus for the past few years has been on capturing some pretty epic landscapes, I thoroughly enjoy taking photos of humans (a.k.a people) and trees (a.k.a large broccolis).


So for whatever your adventure might be, I can't wait to hear from you and meet up! Feel free to contact me either through this form or by sending me a WhatsApp message.


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